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End-to-end support for all employer sponsored plan needs.

Areas of Practice


401(k) Plan Analysis & Takeover

We provide a full complimentary analysis of your employer sponsored retirement plan to discover inefficiencies. We then provide ideas and recommendations on making your plan more efficient, usually by decreasing costs, improving fund line-ups, and making the plan more user-friendly for the employee and employer. We make the transition for efficency change as smooth and seamless as possible. We also will analyze other employer sponsored plans such as Defined Benefit Plans and Profit Sharing Plans. 

Starting new 401(k) plans or other employer sponsored plans

Everybody has to start somewhere! Most financial advisors shy away from starting brand new 401(k) plans because it may take years before the plan is profitable for the advisor. We do not shy away from helping businesses start new plans. We have a variety of options that make the start up costs lower than most, while still providing value for the plan sponsor and their employees!

Employee Education

For plans that we manage, we provide top notch education during the plan enrollment meetings, helping the plan sponsor meet their fiduciary duties for the plan. We are an education-based firm and provide update education through this website.

Group Benefits

We provide group disability, term life insurance, universal life insurance, defined benefit plans, profit sharing plans, insurance premium finance, ESOP, executive compensation strategies, and much more. 

Payroll Integration

We work closely with your payroll company, large or small, top smoothly interface your retirement plan with their systems. In fact, we manage many plans at some of the largest payroll companies such as Paychex and ADP. We will also help new payroll and HR companies who are starting out!

Business Succession planning

While the employer sponsored plan services are important, the future of your small business is also very important. We help implement strategies for business owners to successfully transition and/or succeed their business through tax efficient strategies. 

Quality Independent Plan design

We are not a third-party administrator (the creator of the plan document). Because we are independent, we help choose the best third-party administrator for your needs. We are also independent from any custodian, fund company, and payroll company.