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This is your number one source for 401(k) information, analysis, and implementation!

This site is designed with simplicity and education in mind. 401(k)s and other retirement plans are confusing enough already, so instead of getting twisted and being further confused, please navigate and learn to free your mind! If you would like some help, just reach out to us! We are glad to help you find the answers and solutions that may have led you to our page!

We also have information available at our education center on other retirement topics, such as budgeting, plan contribution limits, and much more. What you will not find on our webpage is product bias. We are independent and serve the plan sponsor and their employees. There are no sales goals, no shareholders, no sales contests, and more importantly ... no pressure.

We help both employers and employees make sense of their plans. In fact, more often than not, a small business's employee will reach out to us and ask us to reach out to their employer to help them make their plan more efficient by improving fund line ups, lowering costs, and providing more personalized service and education for their employees. 


Education Center

This is the pride and Joy of friendly401k! Here is where we help to educate, stimulate, and help plan participants become better informed so that they may better pursue their financial objectives!

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Who we are

We are Friendly 401k! We are a team dedicated to simplifying your 401(k) or other defined contribution or benefit plan needs. We do this through excellent service, efficiency, transparency, independence, and passion. We are the 401(k) and other defined contribution or benefit plan division of Catalina Wealth Management. We are independent which means you will not find any "pre-packaged" deals from an insurance company or a "flavor-of-the-month" salesman. We also do not have proprietary products.

Investment Management Services

We work hand-in-hand with our sister division, Catalina Investments, to provide further Investment services and holistic  financial planning to owners and plan participants. We also have an advance planning division, CI Legacy, which helps business owners plan their successions and transitions through a variety of tax efficent strategies. 

What We do

This website was designed with education in mind. 401(k)s are confusing and we hope to take the confusion away as best we can. We help individuals through the enrollment process if they participate in our plans. For those who do not participate in our plans we are able to help you through our financial advising division through Catalina Investments. We often have individuals introduce us to their plan sponsor (employer) to help make their plans more efficent.

Education & Financial Wellness

We provide educational content, workshops, and seminars to help promote financial literacy, wellness, and overall financial education for the individuals we work with.

who we help

We help both businesses and their employees make better sense of their plans, and pursue their financial objectives through needs based analysis. 

Holistic Finanancial Planning

Through our other divisions, we offer a variety of services to pursue all of your financial objectives. Each different division is dedicated to its craft, so you will not find a jack of all trades but a master of none. You will instead find dedicated team members ready to serve in their area of expertise. To learn more, click here.

Have your current financial plan analyzed

Use the form below to contact us regarding an analysis of your existing plan. Please be as detailed as possible. Include your questions along with any specific document requests. To help us best service your inquiry, we recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling us what you want to achieve. You may also email or call us to make an appointment.

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